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Ripple Plans To Expand Institutional XRP Liquidity In Asia

There’s a new job at Ripple that highlights the firm’s efforts to expand XRP liquidity for institutions across the largest continent in the world.

Ripple is expanding its reach in the Asia-Pacific market

The company said that it is looking for a manager for institutional markets who will play an instrumental role in the company’s efforts to expand its reach in the Asia-Pacific market.

“Assist the team with developing and managing relationships with market makers, brokers, exchanges, and other institutional market participants with a focus on the APAC region.”

More than that, the successful candidate will also take the lead in facilitating the institutional adoption of XRP in the region.

“This role will support and work closely with a team of financial professionals on the Institutional Markets team, responsible for managing and expanding XRP liquidity and utility,” according to the notes.

The announcement continues and reveals that “Ripple’s vision of an Internet of Value requires digital asset efficiency as well as a healthy crypto market, and robust liquidity is a core component of making that vision a reality.”

The latest Ripple prediction

It’s been revealed that Stephen Palley said that the SEC lawsuit against Ripple would come to an end soon, and the firm will settle with the regulatory body.

On Twitter, the blockchain and crypto lawyer at Anderson Kill believes that Ripple’s quick answer to SEC’s complaint is showing that the payments startup wants the legal battle to come to an end swiftly.

“I wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d asked for another 30 days and then filed a nearly guaranteed to be denied motion to dismiss. But they didn’t. They answered within about a month. What does this mean? Unlike most defendants, they actually want a fast resolution.”

Stay tuned for more Ripple-related news and keep your eyes peeled on the markets.

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