A few days ago, it’s been revealed that there’s a new feature on XRPL that Ripple doesn’t seem to like.

Validators on the XRP Ledger voted to adopt a new amendment without support from Ripple.

This amendment crossed the necessary 80% threshold, and if this stays above this threshold for two weeks, it will be activated on the XRPL.

Ripple clarifies the reason for lack of support

Ripple now wants to clarify the reason for which the firm is opposing an XRP Ledger amendment that’s seen as important support from the asset’s community of validators.

As explained previously, the upgrade will allow senders to sign transactions and create virtual checks for particular amounts and destinations as well. The XRP will not be moving until receivers decided to cash them and if the checks fail due to various potential issues, they will remain on the ledger and they will be able to be cashed later.

Ripple’s David Schwartz was asked about the lack of support and he said that the potential costs of this amendment seem to outweigh the limited demand.

He continued and explained:

The feedback received for the answer was a really positive one.

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