Ripple has been making headlines a lot lately due to all kinds of new achievements and exciting plans.

The San Francisco-based company has been working really hard in order to boost the complete XRP ecosystem but also to drive the mainstream adoption of XRP as well.

Speaking of XRP, at the moment of writing this article, the coin is trading in the green and it’s priced at $0.205393.

Ripple said that it’s bringing a new product to the market that’s centered on working capital lending.

In a new job listing, the firm said that they are looking for a director of product management to spearhead the platform.

So far, there are lots of companies that launched platforms that allow users to get loans using crypto as collateral – but this job listing doesn’t say whether XRP will be a part of the new offering.

SBI Holdings plans to integrate Ripple-powered settlements across ATMs in Japan

Ripple partner and investor SBI Holdings revealed plans to integrate Ripple-powered settlements across ATMs in Japan.

The news was revealed in SBI’s latest financial reports and unveiled a plan to integrate the Ripple-powered settlements platform MoneyTap with ATMs that are run by various banks across Japan.

The integration is intended to provide consumers with easy access to funds at ATMs regardless of their banking affiliation.

Reducing the costs involved in operating ATMs

SBI said that this integration would be allowing banks to reduce the costs that are involved in operating an ATM. Here’s what they had to say:

“Currently, each bank has an ATM with its own bank app, but with a common web app, the same ATM may be used as its own jointly operated multi-bank ATM.”

Just to refresh your memory, MoneyTap launched in October 2019 on iOS and Android – this system facilitates instant money transfers via QR Code or phone number.

We recommend that you make sure and check out the complete SBI report.

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