Ripple has been working really hard to boost the whole XRP ecosystem and also to trigger the mainstream adoption of XRP.

The San Francisco-based company had a lousy 2019 in terms of pricing for XRP, but 2020 was expected to be a more successful year.

At the moment of writing this article, XRP is also trading in the red, just like the other important coins in the crypto market. Bitcoin fell below the important level of $7,000, and the coin dragged the altcoins down as well.

Now, XRP is priced at $0.193026.

XRP price recovery

XRP was able to perform pretty great during the past few days, and, along with Bitcoin, it saw a significant price recovery.

If you’re wondering what has been driving the recovery of XRP’s price Bitcoinist revealed a few factors not too long ago.

The past weekend, WhiteBIT exchange revealed that XRP would be joining its exchange.

WhiteBIT has a strong European base and it offers low trading fees at 0.1% and both crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions.

It’s also important to note the fact that the exchange holds the required European Exchange and Custody licenses, and allegedly meets all KYC and AML requirements.

Most important features offered by WhiteBIT

Bitcoinist also highlighted the fact that users of this exchange have the opportunity to enjoy instant transactions, they can also enjoy stacking USDT while making up to 9% interest.

Also, it’s worth noting that this exchange provides more trading tools and features that users are finding to be really handy.

WhiteBIT also has margin trading listing as “coming soon.”

You are probably aware of the massive popularity of XRP futures, and this means that the feature mentioned above could bring in more customers.

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