Due to the consecutive positive change in the value of Cryptocurrencies towards the year end since 2015, many including analysts and investors have hyped this period as a turnaround time that will make them reap the fruit of their investment.

However, some coins like Ravencoin (RVN) seem not to be in the box and they try to make their lovers happy by topping up their value in the market before this period. After the long waited creation of new assets on the Ravencoin network, yesterday finally featured the release of over 7000 assets, and the development was followed by a rise in value.

Ravencoin (RVN) experienced a massive value rise in the last 24 hours, placing the altcoin as the 5th highest gainer among top 100 coins in the market, according to Coinranking.

Ravecoin looks to be unsung in the crypto space, but stands out with unique and great features that make it one of the most sorted after.

Ravencoin (RVN) Intraday Price Analysis

Following a downward trend in the market which began on November 5, Ravencoin took off for another trend at around midday time on November 6, threading towards the north.

Since then, the altcoin has been on the upside trend. While maintaining gradual growth in the market, Ravencoin experienced an abrupt growth at the mid hours of the North American trading session yesterday, moving from $0.0417 price to $0.0436, and this marked 4.5% value rise within 2 minutes.

Ravencoin (RVN) price analysis

As RVN/USD trade pair continues to maintain its trend on the rising wedge against the resistant level, its value had risen up to $0.0441 at the end of the Tokyo trading session today.

After reaching for its highest value of the day, $0.0447, according to Coinranking as at Press Time, the trade pair went down drastically, reaching $0.0438 price against dollars before returning back on the upside trend.

After adding 7.18% to its value in the last 24 hours, RVN/USD price stands as $0.0443.

Over 7000 Assets Created On Ravencoin (RVN) Network

Days after kick starting the launch of assets on Ravencoin network, the cryptographic project today revealed that more than 7000 assets has been created with unique names.

According to Ravencoin, the lone mean of creating new assets is by mining or buying Raven, and this will in return make the coin rarer in the market. Due to the scarcity, the value of the coin is expect to rise.

Musing over this, many have averred that the creation of the new assets is a reason for the value rise of the altcoin.

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