Safe Stocks to Invest In

If you’re looking for a way to turn a profit, then you’ve probably already looked into stock market investing. The activity is currently one of the best ways to make some extra money, and best of all, it’s available to everyone! While investing in the stock market might seem easy, it does require some knowledge and strategy. The market is always changing, so you never know whether your investments will pay off in the long run. Thankfully, there are some stocks you can invest in that come with a low risk of loss, so if you want to give them a whirl, here are a few of them.


The House of Mouse is a conglomerate that all of us are familiar with. Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world, providing some of the best entertainment you can currently find out there. With Disney having incredible reach, it’s safe to say that the company isn’t doing badly at all. From some of the most popular theme parks worldwide to a freshly launched streaming service that’s picking up more steam by the day, Disney is dominating across multiple markets.

Currently, Disney has ownership of some of the most recognizable franchises and plenty of intellectual property with the potential to become huge. From Marvel’s Avengers movies to Star Wars, the influence Disney has in entertainment is practically untouchable. All of this makes Disney an incredibly resilient company that stays strong amid world-changing events. If there was ever a safe bet when investing is in question, Disney would be it!


Thanks to the rise of online stock brokers, we now have a chance to invest in any company worldwide. Luckily, this includes tech giants like the iconic Apple! By hopping Plus 500 or eToro, the best trading app South Africa and beyond, you can check out the current stats of the company and make an investment that’s arguably one of the safest ones you can choose right now. There are many reasons why Apple is considered a safe bet by many, but the main one is its iconic branding!

Pretty much everyone knows that Apple has some of the best marketing out there. While the company dishes out tech innovations that include smartphones, computers, music players, and much more, what sets it apart from the rest is its recognizable design that has millions of users around the globe hooked! With lines as long as the Great Wall of China after each new product release, it’s easy to see why Apple is seen as a safe investment option.


If there’s one thing all of us can agree on, it’s that online shopping has revolutionized the way we live. E-commerce shops don’t just offer us a more convenient alternative to walking to a physical store, they give us a chance to find millions of options that otherwise might be lacking in our area. Knowing how important this is, you can probably guess why Amazon, one of the world’s biggest online shopping platforms, is seen as one of the safest investments out there.

Amazon faired incredibly well given recent world events, and it’s even thriving through the new addition of its streaming services included in Amazon Prime! Although it’s been available for a short period, the service has managed to launch insanely popular shows people can’t stop talking about! Amazon is always looking for ways to expand and grow its operations, and even if those experiments don’t end up doing as well as expected, you can be sure that the incredibly successful company can weather the storm without a problem.

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