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Scantrust And Cardano Counterfeit Solution: The Importance Of Traceability Transparency

The Cardano Foundation dropped an important message about the importance of traceability transparency in the blockchain.

Check out their latest tweet.

The official notes reveal that the Cardano Foundation announced the live release of a unique supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeit solution together with Scantrust.

This is a connected goods and products platform that provides digitalization for brand protection, supply chain traceability, and consumer engagement to Fortune 500 enterprises and small to medium enterprises in over 168 countries worldwide.

We suggest that you check out an important interview with Scantrust co-founder and CTO Justin Picard and Head of Partnerships and Blockchain Advisory Ricardo Garcia.

Cardano in the news

Just the other day, it’s been revealed that ADA staking is supported on the US-based crypto Kraken, according to the latest reports coming from a blog post.

CoinDesk reports that users can access the staking option inside their Kraken Staking Wallet after the service went live at 21:00UTC on Tuesday.

The online publication notes that “Rewards of 4–6% are being offered to those staking ADA, Kraken said.
Payouts are to be delivered on a regular weekly basis and are currently available for Starter, Intermediate and Pro account tiers.”

Cardano is built with a PoS mechanism and provides developers with the ability to operate smart contracts and run DeFi apps.

The online publication also notes that staking in ADA helps power the network by allowing users to vote on changes to how the network is managed and executed.

Regarding the price of ADA today, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at $1.48.

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