Surfing X, I just found a really funny post regarding the SEC’s logic that they’re using in what the approval of a BTC ETF is concerned. Check out the post on X below.

Someone commented: “It’s not rocket science. Gary is under instruction to delay it until his master’s have loaded up enough.”

Another follower said: “It’s encouraging to hear an SEC Commissioner express bewilderment over the lack of a Spot #Bitcoin ETF approval. While the crypto space is filled with potential, the SEC’s primary concern remains investor protection.”

Some followers also believe the fact that the SEC has not approved Bitcoin ETF because the community is not large enough, and financial institutions lack confidence in this new financial product. More similar interviews are needed, and I believe the SEC is the one who wants Bitcoin ETF to be approved the most.

Earlier, we reported the fact that it has been just revealed the fact that the US Court of Appeals has issued a mandate, saying that the SEC has to reconsider the application of Grayscale’s sport BTC ETF. Check out the latest reports below.

Here is the relevant tweet that has been shared by Bitcoin Magazine.

People are cheering on the social media platform X, saying that we are definitely going to see BTC ETFs approved this year.

It takes a legal mandate to make #Gensler do his job 👀

— cryptoverse420💎 (@cryptoverse420) October 23, 2023

Stay tuned for more relevant news.

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