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Securing Humanity’s Sustainable Future: Maoneng Leading Solar Developer Launches Transcendence For Valuable Sustainability Blockchain Projects

Renewable infrastructure development across the globe has at least one stringent issue: the current model is a closed system that makes it really difficult for local communities and smaller organizations to access it.

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On the other hand, large corporations, governments, highly experienced investors and big banks are the dominant players in the field.

These players only focus on profits and high fee structures, rather than the development of the projects and the benefits for all parties. The end result is, unfortunately, a closed and ineffective industry.

Maoneng Australian-Chinese group works on developing and operating large-scale energy projects mostly in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

The team behind the company has already delivered more than $50 million worth of infrastructure across the globe.

The company takes a holistic approach to develop large-scale renewable power stations.

Maoneng launches Transcendence blockchain-based platform

Transcendence will be used for developing and managing renewable energy products.

The platform’s primary goal is to promote infrastructure projects with the highest social value.

According to the official press release, the project benefits from the support of Simon Corbell, the Former Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Attorney-General, and Minister for the Environment and Climate Change.

The Transcendence platform (TSD) will be addressing the flaws of the industry, and it aims to simplify complex projects via the use of blockchain technology which provides transparency and openness to everyone involved.

Transcendence offers an end-to-end solution for everyone who wants to create, finance and develop complex infrastructure and sustainable energy-related projects.

Multiple participants will be allowed to interact with one another with a high certainty of contractual obligations.

Main features and benefits of TSD platform

The platform will be available to an extended range of industry participants such as developers, entrepreneurs, builders, community leaders, equipment manufacturers, and engineers.

Everyone interested will get a chance to get involved in the mass adoption of sustainable energy.

TSD will be working on the following aspects of project development, as reported by the official press release:

  • Concept origination and site identification
  • Scoping, financial modeling, and planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Permissions, financing and contracting
  • Engineering, construction, and commercial operation

“We have witnessed first hand the problems in the sustainable energy community,” said Qiao Nan Han, CEO of Transcendence.

He highlighted that the platform would open sustainable projects to people who are not the big players that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, but it will also hold participants accountable, tracking all developments.

Transcendence is an innovative and powerful new platform aiming to leverage the decentralized capability of renewable energy,” added Simon Corbell. He is confident that the accelerating development of renewable energy is vital to secure humanity’s sustainable future.

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