It looks like the setup for Bitcoin is becoming increasingly favorable. Check out the latest reports about the price of the most important digital asset below.

Bitcoin new prediction is out

According to crypto analyst and Bitcoin supporter Will Clemente, a significant macro setup is developing for BTC.

Clemente, who has a following of 690,000 on X social media platform, explains that the US is now in a position where it must issue more dollars to service its debt.

He believes that if the US continues to expand its money supply over the next few years, currency debasement will be inevitable.

Clemente suggests that the only realistic option to avoid defaulting on the huge debt accumulated relative to GDP is by monetary debasement. He further states that many people consider the US’s current debt-issuing structure to be a Ponzi scheme.

As the trend of rapid money printing continues, Clemente is considering which assets will perform the best. He believes that Bitcoin is the most promising asset out of the stock market, commodities, real estate, and venture/angel investing.

While commodities may be a decent long-term bet, choosing which ones to invest in can be based on scarcity, utility, and monetary properties.

Traditionally, gold has been viewed as the go-to commodity to own during periods of debasement, but after the next Bitcoin halving, the digital asset will have a higher stock-to-flow ratio than both gold and silver.

Bitcoin is also more transportable, divisible, verifiable, and provably scarce than any other commodity on the planet.

With a growing number of Americans feeling economically disenfranchised or left behind, Clemente believes that they will ultimately seek alternative assets and economic systems, setting the stage for a large wave of Bitcoin adoption.

“I believe these dynamics will create the preconditioning for a willingness to adopt an alternative monetary system; and with the existence of an escape valve via Bitcoin today, my money is on the first successful iteration of digital scarcity becoming adopted by society. Not to mention a similar dynamic takes place on the nation-state level with the US itself benefitting from the dollar system and others not,” he said.

He continued and said the following:

“Meanwhile, combined with the structural trends of debt/demographics and the obvious trend of the world becoming increasingly digital, the setup for Bitcoin is becoming increasingly favorable.”

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