It has been just reported that a wallet that could possibly be associated with the Silk Road is making small Bitcoin moves. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New moves in the crypto space shock everyone

It appears that a wallet that may be linked to the forfeiture of funds from the Silk Road darknet marketplace has made a recent Bitcoin transaction.

The wallet, identified by the address bc1qzd8c, transferred 10 BTC to a separate wallet and also sent 1,490 BTC to a change wallet.

On April 22, 2022, a wallet linked to James Zhong, who was found guilty of stealing bitcoin from the Silk Road, transferred 0.00000547 bitcoin to the bc1qzd8c wallet. This occurred around the same time when the U.S. government took charge of his funds. Other wallets also contributed bitcoin to the same transaction.

Glassnode and other crypto analytics platforms concluded that the government had control over the bc1qzd8c wallet and classified the funds as such. Additionally, Arkham had tweeted about this wallet being connected to the government earlier.

Today, there were alerts that the Silk Road funds had been transferred, resulting in a brief decline in bitcoin prices as The Block notes.

It’s not clear by now whether the funds are in the possession of the U.S. government.

Bitcoin bull run predicitons

The next crypto bull market will need regularity clarity in the U.S. and proof that core inflation is moving lower, according to the crypto analytics firm Nansen.

“Shallow BTC sell-offs and ongoing decrease in crypto implied volatility tell us that a lot of regulatory and macro bad news are already priced in,” it wrote on Twitter, referencing a report by Nansen research analyst Aurelie Barthere as per the online publication The Block.

“The scenario of a recession is being pushed back and inflation is surprising by its ‘stubbornness,” it continued.

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