Solana Co-Founder Reveals What’s In Store For The Project

Solana Co-Founder Reveals What’s In Store For The Project

It’s been just revealed that the Solana co-founder is revealing what’s in store for this project. Check out the latest reports below.

According to the latest reports, Solana (SOL) co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko revealed the ways in which the smart contract platform is outperforming competing Ethereum (ETH) challengers.

In a new interview with Circle co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire, Yakovenko says that the number of active daily users on Solana exceeds that of other smart contract platforms, such as leading altcoin Ethereum and Polygon (MATIC).

“[Solana has] about two million monthly active users, and we’re seeing daily active users sometimes break what Polygon and Ethereum are seeing, like 300,000 or so daily active signers.”

He continued and said:

“That, to me, is a really important metric because it signals that there’s more real human activity, more people doing something on this chain that’s valuable to them. That’s really exciting.”

Yakovenko also said the fact that Solana’s goal is to have as many developers and entrepreneurs launch their products on the blockchain network as possible.

Solana to reach 100 million users

He also made sure to talk about the path that he believes would see Solana one day reach a staggering 100 million users.

“The thing we are actively trying to enable is [allowing] all these new entrepreneurs to launch their projects, launch their products…”

At the moment of writing this article, SOL is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at $81.30.

The crypto market looks fantastic these days, with the prices of the most important coins exploding. Solana is also making headlines as the number of daily active SOL accounts rose by 300%.

According to new reports, the user activity on smart contract platform Solana (SOL) has skyrocketed ever since its last upgrade went live, according to a new report. Stay tuned for more news.




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