It has been just revealed that the creator of Solana is revealing the obvious use case for crypto. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Here’s the use case for crypto

Anatoly Yakovenko, one of the co-founders of the Solana blockchain platform, has identified a use case for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology which he believes is rather obvious.

In an interview with Austin Federa, who heads the strategy team at Solana Foundation, Yakovenko stated that digital assets can be used for simple payments, which can benefit anyone.

He emphasized the importance of developing solutions for users that are already in place and working at scale.

Yakovenko believes that payments are one such solution that can be improved by sending money to people in a cheap and fast way, without having to go through complicated processes.

Yakovenko believes that crypto assets can simplify finance over the internet and enable content creators to work independently, instead of being dependent on the financial systems of the platforms they use.

He explains that crypto payments offer a much better experience for anyone who creates user content.

However, the issue is that dealing with finance on the web is a huge hassle, which allows these platforms to gain power by creating rails for a large number of content creators.

These platforms own the content, the creator’s financial relationship with the users, and the connection between them.

Once they own it, the creator is unlikely to leave, even if they want to work independently, because doing so would have a negative impact on their revenues. In essence, creators end up working for the platforms instead of working for themselves because all the financial transactions happen through these platforms.

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