It has been revealed the fact that spot market traders absorb Bitcoin pullbacks. Bitcoin is getting more and more bullish each day, and the predictions keep pouring.

Spot market traders absorb BTC pullbacks

A popular analyst who has gained a significant following due to his accurate Bitcoin (BTC) predictions, believes that the cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a full-blown bull market.

In a recent video update, the analyst, who goes by the name Credible Crypto and has over 355,800 followers on X social media platform, stated that traders who are using leverage on the perpetual futures market appear to be leading the BTC rally.

Although this may not be the healthiest way to sustain an uptrend, the situation could be suggesting that Bitcoin is moving into a regime of a full-fledged bull market.

“Everything that we’re seeing tells us that this rally is technically perpetual [futures] driven, not spot driven, which isn’t the healthiest for a rally in general, but again, there will come a point in time during this rally to new highs where you’re going to get an elevated funding rate, just consistently elevated. You’re going to get perpetual futures consistently higher with a consistently higher funding rate.”

The notes continued and said the following:

“That’s just how it is when we get to the full-fledged bull market. So potentially that we’re now seeing that transition from an environment in which we have relatively low funding to an environment where we’re going to have consistently high funding and perpetual futures consistently leading the market, it’s possible we could be getting to that point.”

The analyst also made sure to explain the fact that while leveraged traders are spearheading the rally, spot market buyers seem to be supporting the uptrend.

“This isn’t really a spot-driven push to the upside. At the same time, we are getting what looks to be spot [market] absorption at every consolidation which is preventing the price from going any lower. So it’s very possible that instead of getting aggressive spot buyers, we’re just getting spot buyers that are sneakily absorbing all the sells here.”

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