Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Hosts NEXT BLOCK Blockchain Conference On December 12 And The Keynote Speaker Is Vice Chairman of NASDAQ

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel is set to host NEXT BLOCK Conference called “From Chaos To Clarity: 2019 Trends” organized by Krypton Events.

The crypto space matured in 2018

This year marks a massive shift in the crypto market. We all know that prices crashed, traditional ICOs lost a lot of popularity and security tokens have been gaining more traction instead.

The blockchain technology has been facing tons of new challenges stemming from the stringent need for user-friendly products and most importantly, real-world adoption.

The crypto community was strong enough to stick together even during the hardest times such as the crypto market’s bloodbath experienced during the past week.

The companies behind the cryptos have continued to move on with their developments, holders and investors have found the strength to stay put and hope for the best.

Their waiting has been rewarded because the market picks itself up little by little and things seem to be going towards an upward trend these days.

Anyway, during these harsh times from 2018, investors have matured and they became more and more sophisticated.

According to the official website, “this iteration of the NEXT BLOCK Conference we will discuss all these developments and more for this year, the drive towards clarity and how things are looking for crypto in 2019.”

What to expect at the conference

The event will bring together more than 350 participants and over 20 important speakers. the conference will be celebrated by a luxurious FashionTV Party By NEXT BLOCK which adds to the chain of the most fabulous crypto-parties of 2018 by NEXT BLOCK.

The NEXT BLOCK Keynote speaker will be David Weild IV who is a stock market expert and Vice Chairman of NASDAQ.

He’s also the “father” of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act and he’s been involved in drafting legislation for the US Congress.

Here are more essential speakers that will be present at the conference:

  • Asher Idan, Ph.D, Global DLT expert, Strategic Advisor at Startup-Nation
  • Tal Elyashiv, Funder and Managing Partner, SPiCE VC Founder, Securitize
  • Jan Sammut, founder, and CEO of RefToken
  • Michael Pearl, Head of Content and Intelligence at Finance Magnates
  • Ralph Liu, Founder and CEO, MuleChain, Inc.
  • Robert Cohen, Director of Principal Investment and Head of NKB Capital
  • Naeem Aslam, Columnist with Forbes, Chief Market Analyst of ThinkMarkets
  • Gianluca Massini Rosati, Founder and CEO presso Xriba
  • Motti Peer, Co-CEO of Blonde 2.0, Award-winning Global PR Agency

Find out more details on the official website here.


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