Tesla Devs Help Patch A Flaw In Open Source Bitcoin Payment Processor BTCPay

Elon Musk has been supporting the mass adoption of Bitcoin along with other important names. Tesla recently stated that they are accepting Bitcoin these days, and now, the auto giant made another important move.

Just to refresh your memory, not too long ago, Musk said that the company would hold on to and accumulate all BTC that is earned from sales of the company’s suite of electric cars.

Not everyone was too excited about the news, and some of Musk’s Twitter followers said that Tesla is only doing this for publicity.

Tesla is going one step further than simply buying BTC and accepting BTC pay – the company seems to be contributing fixes to open-source software built on the Bitcoin network.

Via Twitter, the payment processor and crypto wallet posted the following message for Tesla:

The team also posted, “We also want to thank Qaiser Abbas, an independent web-security researcher, for an additional responsible vulnerability disclosure that was handled in this release. 💚”

Tesla supports BTC Pay

The team behind Tesla informed BTCPay’s team of the bug after reviewing the project’s GitHub last week.

This affected users who booted BTCPay from “Docker Deployment, have a configured email server and enabled registration for users in Server Settings > Policies,” according to a post on BTCPay’s GitHub that included a software patch.

“The security team did an audit and contacted us. We then focused on fixing most of the points they disclosed one by one. They are now helping us to improve our process for security-related disclosure,” BTCPay founder Nicolas Dorier told CoinDesk.

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