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The founder of CryptoXchange Explains Why Profit Sharing Will Strengthen Crypto’s Future

With many crypto projects competing for our attention, the task of picking one that is robust may seem overwhelming. In the age of quick profits, we are also seeing increased volatility, which is damaging to the credibility of legitimate projects. The strong future of blockchain and crypto is underscored by the amount of influential countries that are looking to bring in their own cryptocurrencies, but the worth of this industry is still yet to be properly gauged. This, along with the difficulty in accessing and using exchanges, is keeping investors away.

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Roni Baibochaev, an entrepreneur and the founder of CryptoXchange, has come up with a way to reward loyalty, simply for holding tokens in their exchange. Roni is part of a new wave of crypto enthusiasts who are rejecting the pump and dump culture of crypto, encouraging stability and investment in the future of crypto services, while rewarding investors and regular users along the way.

In brief, CryptoXchange is a modular, user oriented exchange that aims to service both beginners who are enthusiastic about crypto, but have been scared off traditional exchanges, and professionals, who wish to use advanced analytical tools. It is fully developed, and when released will allow users to buy, store and trade over 100 cryptocurrencies with fees of only 0.2%. Rather than being a simple exchange it will also facilitate spot and margin trading, starting at 2 to 1 leverage for first time users. What’s more, CryptoXchange has also partnered with IDnow, a trusted European firm, to deliver secure KYC credentials within a day, and plan to provide their users with a credit card which will allow crypto payment at any point of sale globally.

The biggest feature that Roni Baibochaev is keen to highlight, is that although crypto is a global phenomenon, without proficiency in English, navigating many exchanges can still be prohibitive. That is why CryptoXchange will not only have a multi-language platform, but 24/7 multi-language support available as well.

“We knew that if we wanted to be global, we needed to tap into markets that have previously shied away from using the existing crypto wallets and exchange platforms.” – Roni Baibochaev

While there is indeed value in a user friendly, functional exchange, Roni and his team recognised that something needed to be done to encourage loyalty in the product. That is where the buy back scheme and profit sharing model come into play.

Through the use of CryptoXchange’s XCHGE token and EARN coin, users have a stake in the profitability of the exchange’s services. By participating in the CryptoXchange ICO, or licensing a part of a Masternode, investors will receive EARN coins, which are used as payment for processes run within CryptoXchange. With the profits made, CryptoXchange will be initiating a buy back scheme to purchase unowned EARN coins, which will increase scarcity and push up the price. As well as benefiting from an increased coin value, users will receive 30% of the profit through weekly dividends. To ensure stability, CryptoXchange will also reward users who keep XCHGE tokens in their wallets with EARN coins. This means both tokens guarantee some kind of return for the holder.

“We wanted to make sure we could reward users for investing and staying with our exchange while we roll out our suite of services. Giving them a share of the profits is not only fair, it is also good business sense. I strongly believe this is the next step in the evolution of successful crypto enterprises.” – Roni Baibochaev

With such an ambitious platform, CryptoXchange is showing that customer support and profit sharing is the key to creating a successful platform. Senior advisor Marc Schippke, an experienced crypto professional, is helping to shape the future of the project, with the long term goal of creating a blockchain bank. CryptoXchange’s model is the next big thing.

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