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The KickToken (KICK) Airdrop Was Totally Spam, But I’m Gonna HODL Anywayz

In Summary:

888,888 KickToken (KICK) were airdropped to over a million crypto-enthusiasts on April 1st.

Kick Ecosystem (KICK) is down considerably since the temporary frenzy from intrigued hodlers wore off.

KICK can be found on a growing list of exchanges including Kucoin and STEX.

For updates and more regarding the development of  KickToken (KICK) you should check out their Twitter page. 

Waking up to find 888,888 KickToken (KICK) airdropped to my wallet was a bit of a surprise, to say the least. I had honestly never heard of the coin and I certainly hadn’t subscribed to any social media or blog posts concerning the token. But there it was, clear as day, mingling with the Ether (ETH) on my mobile wallet.

“Maybe it’s some kind of April Fool’s joke,” I muttered to myself while splashing cold water on my face that fateful morn.

Apparently, KickToken (KICK) was airdropped to over a million users that day. Deployed as a gimmick of sorts, to raise awareness for the team’s fledgling exchange, Kickex, the company created a proprietary algorithm to choose active users in the crypto-community who would receive the drop.

Flattered? You betcha! Intrigued? Sure!  Sold? Well, not so fast.

Kick Ecosystem (KICK) Operates Like a…

First and foremost, I feel the need to express a fundamental truth to my loyal readers; KICK is a shit-coin.  Since KICK’s arrival on the crypto-scene, investors have aired their grievances about the company, making public the total mess that the KICK team has created in crypto-space. 

But now, with their most recent reference program, ‘KickRef’,  the ponzi making up the Kick Token (KICK)  brand seems be to revealing itself in real-time.

So go ahead, sign up and check out their exchange. It’s spoofy, and slow. Nothing is really tradable. And you will probably forever be spammed by the relentless selling of any personal info you divulge to these dark web data scavengers… 


Still, the company seems to be making some headway into their development recently, so feel free to keep reading if you’re excited by the Kick Ecosystem!

What is Kick Ecosystem?

Kick Ecosystem claims to be a set of fintech tools designed to meet the financial needs of users around the world.

According to the company website,

“Kick Ecosystem is comprised of 12 different services, each of them fully functional both as a standalone solution and an organic part of the environment. Kick Ecosystem approach enables a seamless 360 degrees interaction between all the elements and ensures instant execution of user requests combined with effortless user experience… Our mission is to create a new reality accessible to every person on the planet — modern, convenient and rapid, at the same time safe, transparent and adjustable, taking the best of the cryptocurrency and fiat worlds. ”

…Ambitious, for sure. 😉

Brief Market Analysis of KickToken (KICK)

KickToken (KICK) is ranked number 1231 by With a total market capitalization of US $232,966, KICK boasts a volume of US $69,972.88 over the past 24 hours. Currently there are 19,036,747,955 tokens circulating out of a total supply of 1,183,760,820,497.

Down more than I care to calculate since the airdrop, KickToken (KICK) has proven to be nothing but a headache for the company’s rightly irritated investor’s. Currently trading at US $.0.000012, KickToken (KICK) is now dropping faster than an Acme anvil on the Looney Toon’s Road Runner show. My advice? Simple. Try not to be like Wile-E-Coyote in this out-of-place analogy.


While receiving a shit-load of KICK definitely worked to peak my interest in this little known crypto-company and their public (beta) exchange, the product is as-of-yet unusable. And while the interesting advertisement in the form of an airdrop sent many investor’s into a short-lived frenzy, the spammy nature of the frozen drop left an indelible impression on a number of irritated hodlers.

Still,  until the coins falls to zeron, I’m happy to hodl them in my wallet. Who knows, if KICK gets a boost in the future, maybe this will be how Micah C. Miracle finally breaks the bank! Perhaps more likely, my ride into the sunset will be marked with a KICK me sign taped to the ass of my horse.

Micah C. Miracle
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Featured image by Vishu Gowda on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Opinions herein are purely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those held by Crypto Gazette. Do your own research before investing. Thanks.

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