The Most Profitable Entrepreneurs In The Next 10 Years, According To Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor reveals the most profitable entrepreneurs in the next decade. Check out the latest reports from the Daily Hodl’s notes and Twitter below.

Saylor’s next decade predictions

In a new interview, Saylor said that compliant custodial businesses who provide access to Bitcoin will likely earn the most from crypto in the next decade.

“People chronically underinvest in businesses that are centralized, custodial, compliant businesses that could plug into Bitcoin. You can make $100 billion if you’re Fidelity plugging into Bitcoin harder, so why don’t you go figure out how to sell that to Fidelity? If you want to plug Bitcoin into Apple computer, it might be worth a trillion dollars.”

He continued and explained:

“But Apple’s custodial, but Apple’s compliant. I get it, but it’s still a trillion-dollar opportunity.”

Saylor also said the following:

“I’m a crypto person. I want to go decentralized, non-compliant. Here’s the issue: is it going to be purest pure-play cryptos that are going to make all the money in the next stage or is it going to be compliant custodial institutions that plug into Bitcoin that are going to make all the money in the next decade? Obviously, I happen to believe that the custodial public institutions have more opportunity than all of the crypto entrepreneurs do.”

Saylor also said that despite the profit potentials of custodial public institutions, crypto entrepreneurs are still missing the opportunity.

“The crypto entrepreneurs don’t want to think that because if you don’t have a bank and if you’re not an Apple computer, if you don’t have a country, then you can’t do that, right?”

He also explained the benefits of creating your own country, your own bank, your own social network. “If you don’t have it, okay fine. It’s a free world.”

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