It has just been reported the fact that NASDAQ has submitted an amendment for BlackRock and Valkirie’s spot BTC ETF. Check out the latest reports about this below.

NASDAQ in the news

The Nasdaq has submitted an amendment for BlackRock and Valkyrie’s Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) 19b-4 filings. This is an important step as the looming approval deadline is coming up this Wednesday.

The amendment filing is a sign of progress in the regulatory process, indicating that the companies are working hard to secure approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Nasdaq’s latest amendment filing for the BlackRock and Valkyrie Spot Bitcoin ETF shows that they are taking regulatory queries and concerns seriously and are working hard to address them within the given timeframe.

As the approval deadline approaches, the amendment filing highlights Nasdaq’s dedication to refining and finalizing the proposal, ensuring that it meets SEC standards.

The BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF is a subject of great interest in both the Bitcoin and financial sectors, as it represents a potential breakthrough by providing a direct and regulated way for both institutional and retail investors to invest in BTC.

The recent filing by Nasdaq has heightened anticipation within the Bitcoin community, with stakeholders eagerly waiting for updates on the ETF’s progress through the SEC’s evaluation process.

The amendment submission is a crucial step, bringing the BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF one step closer to regulatory approval, which could mark a significant moment in the integration of Bitcoin into conventional financial markets.

BlackRock seeds their spot BTC ETF with $10 million

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Someone commented: “Haha, BlackRock 10mil 😂 that’s the monthly budget for toilet paper money for them.”

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