The Solidity Programming Language To Become Compatible With Cardano

Cardano continues to shine in the spotlight today following more great announcements.

Cointelegraph just revealed that the Solidity programming language would soon become compatible with Cardano.

Cointelegraph continued and posted: “The Cardano ecosystem has been actively integrating its smart contract technology in order to bring new major functionalities. On Thursday IOHK partnered with Wolfram Blockchain Labs to integrate data from the Cardano blockchain into Wolfram Alpha.”

The online publication mentioned above also notes that Solidity, which is a major programming language for writing smart contracts, will become compatible with the Cardano blockchain.

They also brought up an announcement that has been made this week on the Cardano devs’ website which reveals that they will be opening up Cardano to the Solidity and Ethereym community via an interoperable platform that uses the native Ethereum code.

According to a blog post from Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK, the KEVM devnet is designed to enable full compatibility with Ethereum.

“Because Solidity is a high-level language similar to JavaScript and C++, it cannot be directly executed by the EVM. Solidity programs must be compiled to assembly language (EVM bytecode) first, so they can run on the KEVM,” IOHK’s marketing director, Tim Harrison, wrote.

Cardano Foundation releases new fireside chat

The Cardano Foundation just dropped a new exciting tweet about the fireside chat that’s been released on the future of the project. Check it out below.

We suggest that you check out the complete notes in the blog post in order to learn all the details.

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