An experienced Bitcoin analyst, Tone Vays, is expressing concern about the current state of the flagship cryptocurrency.

In a recent video to his subscribers on YouTube, Vays disclosed that he is decreasing his Bitcoin holdings, citing the high likelihood of a drop due to increased selling pressure.

Bitcoin could fall to the next moving average

He predicted that Bitcoin may fall to the next moving average, and if today’s candle drops below yesterday’s candle, it would be wise to lower the allocation to 50%.

Vays also stated that Bitcoin’s future is uncertain, and it could easily drop below the $25,000 low. He attributes this uncertainty to the large number of individuals selling Bitcoin for unknown reasons.

The trader warns that if Bitcoin drops to the $25,000 level, it could trigger a wave of selling from anxious investors and traders. The trader cautions that if Bitcoin falls lower than the $25,500 range, it could be disastrous.

Therefore, it is crucial for Bitcoin to reverse its downward trend immediately, preferably within this month.

If it continues to decline for another month, panic may ensue, and many miners could face financial difficulties if Bitcoin falls below $25,000 and potentially drops below $20,000.

2 potential catalysts for the price of Bitcoin

A well-known cryptocurrency trader, Pentoshi, has identified two potential catalysts that could boost Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming months.

The first is the upcoming Bitcoin halving event and the second is the possible approval of a spot BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the US.

Despite the current tough market environment, Pentoshi believes that these events hold a lot of promise for the future of Bitcoin.

However, Pentoshi also warns of challenging times ahead in the short term. The market has already endured several difficult situations, including FTX, exploits, stablecoin depegs, and even the possibility of everything going to zero.

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