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This Is What Matters For Next Ethereum Bull Market

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Despite the massive market volatility, the optimistic predicitons about Ethereum continue to pop up. At the moment of writing this article, ETH is trading in the green and the coin is priced at $1,302.

Pseudonymous crypto trader Rekt Capital told people who are following him to trust their instincts and data on BTC.

The analyst also talked about the ETH merge and said that the coin would need more time to turn bullish, just like Bitcoin does need its time to rise following a halving process.

ETH price prediction following the Merge

The co-founder of crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX said that he’s keeping a close watch on one Ethereum (ETH) chart that he believes could signal a fresh bull cycle for the king altcoin.

Arthur Hayes said that Ethereum’s net issuance is the only chart “that matters” after the leading smart contract platform successfully transitioned to a proof-of-stake protocol.

“Show me that drop in ETH issuance every day, and I will show you a BULL F****NG MARKET!”

In a recent post, the Ethereum community illustrated the dramatic change in the amount of ETH issuance after the merge.

“Mining rewards ~13,000 ETH/day pre-merge.

Staking rewards ~1,600 ETH/day pre-merge.”

The notes continued and said the following:

“After the merge, only the ~1,600 ETH per day will remain, dropping total new ETH issuance by ~90%.

The burn: at an average gas price of at least 16 gwei, at least 1,600 ETH is burned every day, which effectively brings net ETH inflation to zero or less post-merge.”

More Merge-related theories

Not too long ago, we were revealing that in a new interview with CNBC, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says that traders expecting the merge to have an immediate impact on the ETH ecosystem will likely be disappointed.

This will allegedly happen especially if they believe drastically lower gas fees will be instantly implemented.

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