Top 4 Cryptocurrency Coins to Be on the Look Out For

Top 4 Cryptocurrency Coins to Be on the Look Out For

The cryptocurrency market is popular for its volatility. It is known to swing in both directions in minutes, hours, or days. While this may seem scary to some investors, many can capitalize on these fluctuations. Some can earn even more from the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

The cryptocurrency space has been growing immensely since its inception in 2009. Last year was one of the most dramatic for the crypto industry.

Even though bitcoin and other cryptos have seen huge losses this year, a few coins have performed relatively well during this bearish market. Are you thinking of jumping into crypto investing but aren’t sure where to start? Here are four cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on:


This coin is flying under the radar for quite some time now. This is due to its lack of marketing. However, it doesn’t mean you should sleep on it. The team behind this coin includes people from all walks of life and all corners. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure this coin’s ongoing success.

What makes this coin unique? Well, it’s based on the cryptonote protocol. Thus, it ensures that your transactions remain 100% anonymous even when someone were to attempt to trace them back to you. In addition, they have seen some great growth in their community. Moreover, they offer a service where they will buy back any coins you send them at 90% market value after one year.


One of the most anticipated Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is Tezos. This blockchain platform with a protocol that allows users to modify and upgrade it without any hassle.

In addition, Tezos features a decentralized blockchain with a self-governing system. This is by creating a true digital commonwealth. This enables creation of a formal verification. This high level of security paves way for smart contracts.

Founded in 2014 by Kathleen and Arthur Breitman, Tezos is based on a new distributed ledger with its native protocol token: XTZ. With its on-chain governance mechanism, Tezos’ design facilitates formal verification, which helps secure smart contracts and avoids buggy code.

Lucky block

The Lucky Block Coin is a brand-new blockchain platform that has the potential to become the biggest and most successful crypto venture in 2018. This blockchain is a first-of-its-kind, fully decentralized gaming platform powered by its cryptocurrency, Lucky Blocks.

The first game on the platform is Lucky Blocks. It’s an online lottery game that gives all players an equal chance to win big prizes without any middlemen or commission fees. Follow our smart betting guide to learn more.


This digital currency wants to optimize e-commerce by making it cheaper for everyone. The digital currency has backing from some of the world’s largest companies and financial institutions, including Binance Labs, OKEx, Huobi Capital, Dunamu & Partners, etc.

The goal of Terra is to provide a stablecoin that offers low volatility, fast transactions, and low transaction fees. The coin relies on a price-stabilization algorithm called Seignorage Shares that controls the supply of Terra. This helps to create stability despite the high demand for Terra coins.






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