Top Bitcoin Tumblers in the Business

The best bitcoin tumblers to keep your crypto on the down-low.

Recently, bitcoin tumblers, mixers, and laundries have hit the mainstream. While it’s not necessarily a new idea, tumblers are necessary for anyone who does regular bitcoin or other crypto investing. Bitcoin tumblers use a third party service that helps to keep your coins separate from your identity. Which is what bitcoin is really all about.

How Bitcoin Tumblers Work

Using a third party for bitcoin tumbling is necessary if you want to keep your coins squeaky clean. While bitcoin and other altcoin currencies are supposed to be fully anonymous (that’s practically their whole appeal), agencies and corporations have found ways to track down users based on their “anonymous” bitcoin wallet IDs. This can be seen by just about anyone who possesses a bit of tech know-how.

Making it super simple to track investments, spending habits, and even purchases. There are a few ways that the standard bitcoin investor can deal with this problem themselves, but generally, the covers created are paper-thin, and the amount of work to do it is near overwhelming. Enter in the third party service.

Because tumblers work with multiple clients from all over the world, users don’t have to create a ton of different addresses to make a ton of different micro-transactions. Of which the fees alone can be cost-prohibitive. With a good bitcoin tumbler, they do all the hard work for you. Exchanging your coins with other addresses from all over the world. Obscuring any coin trail you may have left behind.

The fees that most tumblers charge are minimal, specifically weighted against the service being proffered. This can also provide an excellent service if people have received their bitcoin from darknet services or gambling sites. Several of the larger bitcoin trading platforms have been forced to turn away bitcoin that has been gained in these areas. According to Best Bitcoin Tumbler, an expert on the matter, with a good bitcoin tumbler, you can retain your winnings and invest away. As there’s no way to tell where those coins came from!

The Best Bitcoin Tumblers

There’s a load of bitcoin tumblers on the market right now, but we’ve brought you the 5 best services for getting the job done right, and the right price.

Anonymix CryptoMixer

With super-low minimum deposits and fees, Anonymix easily takes a top spot. While it’s still considered an up and coming business, the popularity of it has yet to soar, but we imagine that will all change soon enough. Anonymix has a flat, no-log policy and a user-controlled time delay. Making it super simple to use and fairly hands-off. There’s no registration and give users an additional 10 addresses.

Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin laundry has by far one of the lowest minimum deposits at 0.0005 BTC. Their fees are also some of the lowest out there. They do log transactions for up to seven days, but users have the option to delete at any time. The site also demands zero registration or identity proofs, keeping everyone involved fully anonymous.


SmartMixer is not only super user-friendly, but it is the Porsche of all mixers on the market right now. Quick, easy, and the look and feel of the site are nothing short of exquisite. Despite all of these key features, their fees are quite a bit higher than most other decent mixers. But in this instance, you get what you pay for. Another downfall of this giant is that the minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC, making it definitely a tool for the elite. It will support up to 5 additional addresses but lacks user control over which funds go where.


BitMix.Biz is a little clunky but offers some really fantastic guarantees and security features. The platform gives users a special 12 digit code that ensures you get the exact right amount of bitcoin returned following mixing. That code also guarantees the user never to get back their own bitcoin. They have a minimum deposit of 0.007 BTC and their fees are reasonable. They also offer a partner program where the platform will pay users to spread the word and invite their friends.

Bitcoin Fog

Slightly steeper minimum deposit of 0.035, but they do offer customer service and support personnel. This mixer does keep logs for a week, for “troubleshooting and debugging” but they are automatically deleted following that time period. Bitcoin fog supports up to 5 additional addresses and can wield descent control of deposits.

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