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Trainfactory Helps Traders With Current Trends by Adding New Courses

The world of cryptocurrency, although fascinating, continues to be unpredictable in terms of its trend. Traders can only predict what will happen in the future and place their best bets on what they think is best. However, even though it is the case, you can always look for ways to be familiar with how the market goes. Since such is the case, Trainfactory, the leading online academy for trading, adds new courses to help traders ensure that they are equipped with the current and most up-to-date information about trading.

The core value of the academy is to build strong connections between students and teachers. Anita Georgiev, the company’s spokesperson, strongly believes that education is simply learning; rather, it is transcendent. With today’s season, almost everything is now done virtually. Georgiev acknowledges that virtual training is not easy, but she also believes that the experience should go beyond the screens of learners; thus, they are happy to announce new courses that aim to help both novice and experienced traders get the best out of their trading experience.

Goldman Sachs Crypto Trading Overview

Goldman Sachs building in NY

In current events, Goldman Sachs is making headlines after announcing that it officially launched the project it hid behind the curtains some time ago: its crypto trading desks. The trading desk does not involve cash crypto; instead, it trades futures contracts and non-deliverable forwards (NDF).

CNBC was able to get an exclusive scoop of the most recent activity of Goldman Sachs and reported the coin desk to be successful in trading two types of Bitcoin-linked derivatives. Experts think that Goldman Sachs did this approach to hype the value of Bitcoin, which was observed to be struggling in the market these days.

Why Are Big Banks Turning to Cryptocurrency Now?

Banks are considered the safest financial manager, but also the slowest in terms of interest. Some view banks as piggy banks, where they can deposit their money without expecting anything in addition to it. However, due to the market’s current trends, banks are also getting on board with the crypto-mania.

Some notable agencies who have recently joined the hype are Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, each with their dedicated departments that review and predict the future successes of cryptocurrency. Most of them are investing in Bitcoin, where they start their initial analysis of the blockchain world.

How Do You Trade With Trainfactory?

Many changes and possible paradigm shifts are happening in the market right now, particularly in cryptocurrency and online trading. With this said, you need to know fundamental concepts before you delve into the more complex and nitty-gritty ones. Train factory offers many courses that can equip you with the necessary information to thrive in this industry.

Traders can access the academy through its web-based platform. In addition, there is a wide array of topics that new and experienced traders can choose from.


You may reach the support team by going to the “Contact Us” tab on their website, or you may e-mail them at [email protected].

Terms and Conditions

Learners need to sign up first before they can log in and browse any course offered. There are free and paid online courses. All transactions such as going through the course, tracking progress and payments are done via the website. In terms of payment, the academy will send a receipt to your registered e-mail address once payment has been verified.


Trainfactory is a great avenue to harness your skills in online trading. There are a lot of events happening that continue to shape the future of cryptocurrency. Be sure always to be updated to maximize the benefits of trading online.


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