TriForce Tokens Builds Its Own Blockchain – Breaking Free From Ethereum’s Network’s Limitations And Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is about to change, and the primary tool which can be used in order to achieve this is the blockchain industry.

TriForce Tokens plans to innovate the gaming industry

TriForce Tokens is disrupting the gaming market and brings an innovative solution for linking gamers and developers.

They plan to cut out third-parties and basically change the whole dynamics of the industry.

As a result, the platform’s development team is currently working on its very own blockchain system to improve the gaming industry.

TriForce Tokens wants to break free from Ethereum network’s limitations

TriForce Tokens gaming platform has been succesfuly launching its games and it also has more coming up.

The platform is gaining more and more followers from the gamers’ community and the game developers as well.

At the moment the platgform is still based on the Ethereum network, and this means that no matter how scalable, fast or secure the platform’s network is, it’s still limited to the Etereum’s network.

The platform is developing their own blockchain

Here are the main features that the new blockchain will boast:

  • The blockchain will have a Lisk Fork with more transactions per second, enhanced security and speed. Basically, TriForce Tokens Blockchain will be a fork.
  • It will use JavaScript that will allow developers to understand easier the blockchain while developing and deploying 3rd party DApps.
  • The blockchain will use a Pop and PoS hybrid consensus model and this way it will give the power back to the gaming industry.
  • The blockchain will use zero gas, and it will not have any transactional costs.
  • Developers will have the ability to deploy their very own DApps on the network and allow more games to use it, which definitely means increased adoption.
  • Besides the regular tokens that it uses, the new blockchain will also provide non-fungible ones.

What’s next?

The new blockchain is currently in the works, and the testnet is expected to go live at the beginning of 2019.

The mainnet deployment is scheduled for the middle of next year.

After it launches its new blockchain, TriForce Tokens will release it very own gaming tokens which will have to be swapped with the current ERC20 Ethereum FORCE tokens through a 1:1 ratio.

The platform has already launched mobile and PC games.

Closing words

TriForce Tokens aims to disrupt the gaming industry via the blockchain technology.

The platform plans to eliminate the traditional distribution channels and make games cheaper and with a higher retention rate.

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