Tron Is Planning A Partnership With Mobile Ad Giant Kiip In The Near Future In The Decentralized Online Advertising

The Tron foundation seems to be gathering more and more essential partnerships.

Tron says that Brian Wong, Kiip CEO is planning a collaboration with them.

Wong addressed the blockchain revolution in advertising during the Tron niTROn summit which took place this week in San Francisco.

Tron and Kiip might work together

Kiip is a mobile ad network that rewards users with tangible goods for various apps including fitness and gaming.

Kiip has a few high-profile clients including McDonald’s, General Mills, Coca-Cola, BMW, The New York Time, Taco Bell, Campari and more.

Wong is an advertising innovator, and he created the concept of moments marketing.

This means that instead of advertising during prime-time windows, Kiip markets brands to consumers based on the right timing. This leads to more enhanced user engagement and generates a higher targeted audience.

The result also involves giving advertisers a close view of the consumer based on the actions that they’re taking on their mobile phones.

“When you least expect it, we’ll surprise you with rewards like discounts, tips, and virtual currency, in your favorite apps and connected devices. It’s our way of saying: “You’re awesome. Kiip doing what you’re doing!” the company’s official website says.

Kiip is used by over 10,000 apps.

They say that their performance exceeds industry standards.

“We target consumers based on data collected from billions of interactions across our network. Our approach is unintrusive and effective, which is proven by our average engagement rate of 20% — 10x the industry average.”

Kiip launched the very first blockchain mobile ad campaign back in June 2018 with AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer.

Closing words

Kiip’s vision of using blockchain seems to be on the same page with Tron’s hard efforts of reaching people via a decentralized web.

A potential partnership with Kiip could bring Tron closer to real-world because they’re advertising for over 10,000 mobile apps.

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