Tron (TRX) July’s Massive Breakthroughs Incoming, Announced TRON CEO Justin Sun

TRON’s CEO Justin Sun was happy to make several announcements on his Twitter account. IT looks like this month will be quite big for the TRON community:

With June 25 being the day when TRON celebrated its first year of independence, we were expecting to hear more from Sun, and we didn’t have to wait any longer. The next months are indeed very important, and it has some big events that could be a game changer for the Tron ecosystem.

The BitTorrent Speed will be launched next week, and then the highlight is the lunch with Warren Buffet, renowned billionaire investment mogul.

BitTorrent will get the BTT token introduced through the new protocol, which will be the first use case of cryptocurrencies. BTFS is a file system protocol that fuses BitTorrent and blockchain – giving BTT tokens to more than 100 million users.

Sun’s lunch with Warren Buffett will help cryptocurrencies get more visibility among the investors that are still skeptical of digital assets.

Tron’s Success Is Also Based on The Big Account Base, Rise of Transactions and Important Partnerships

Aside from these two events, TRON’s account base is growing, and along with the general market development and the rise of transactions, there can only be good news for its future.

Tron has crossed 8 million users last week, surpassing Ethereum. The BitTorrent Speed integration will offer 100 million users on the BitTorrent platform access to all the dapps built for the blockchain.

Moreover, Tron’s partnerships with the liquidity focused multi-asset trading platform LATOKEN and blockchain audit company Certik were essential in assuring Tron’s future. The latter collaboration aimed to decentralize the internet.

With all the recent developments, TRX and Tron as a whole will be accepted in the markets and July is the month that will shape the future of decentralized internet. Tron is a token you want to hold and keep for the future and is Sun pulls Warren Buffett on the crypto industry side, we’ll see a huge growth that might even enter history.

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