Two Massive Bitcoin Whales Moved Millions In Crypto To Coinbase

Crypto whale watchers are currently tracking down two huge Bitcoin holders who send large amounts of BTC to Coinbase, according to the latest reports.

The very first whale moved a total of 3,500 BTC that’s worth $113.2 million across three separate transactions – all of these were reportedly in the span of less than an hour, says ledger monitor Whale Alert.

The online publication the Daily Hodl mentioned that the whale is the 13th largest on record, according to the current rich list from BitInfoCharts.

• 1,500 BTC worth $48.6 million transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase
• 1,000 BTC worth $32.3 million transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase
• 1,000 BTC worth $32.3 million transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase

Another important issue to note is the fact that the total transaction fees combined cost just $89.61.

It’s been also revealed that just a few minutes after the first whale sent its last transaction, a second whale moved 1,698 BTC worth $55.4 million from another wallet of unknown origin to Coinbase.

This sending wallet was also one of the richest in existence before the wallet was drained –  it was positioned at number 841 on the BitInfoCharts rich list.

The Daily Hodl also noted that “The number of addresses containing 1,000 BTC or more is also on the rise and has spiked to about 2,460, up from 2,130 at the start of the year.”


Bitcoin bottom is in

Bitcoin has seen various corrections so far, and now an important analyst says that the Bitcoin bottom is already in.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green, and the king coin is priced at $33,251.50.

It’s been just revealed that the prominent crypto strategist who gained his popularity after nailing Bitcoin’s collapse to $4,000 in March 2020 is back with another bold call.

Stay tuned to see where the king coin will be heading these days and if the bullish predictions are right.

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