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Ukrainian Government Gets $1 Million Worth Of Bitcoin From One Donor

All the world’s eyes are on Ukraine and Russia today. It’s been just reported that there is a single donor who donated $1 million worth of Bitcoin to Ukraine.

Someone said: “Well of course they need to sell it to get the money they need. So I guess consider buying Bitcoin in the cause of freedom? It’s always preaching that until people see the price go down then it’s boohoo cause I really wanted it to go up forever so I could sell it lol.”

Central Bank of Russia banned nonresident trading

The tensions of the war between Russia and Ukraine lead to dramatic changes. According to the latest reports,  non-resident holders of Russian equities will not be able to liquidate their holdings, the Central Bank of Russia announced on Monday.

The bank effectively banned foreign trading hours before the market is set to open.

CoinDesk notes that non-resident traders will likely be looking to limit or eliminate their exposure to the sanctioned economy, but are going to find that impossible for the time being.

“The central bank delayed trading as it worked behind the scenes to assess the impact of the sanctions placed on the country. The currency markets opened Monday with the Ruble dropping 40% against the dollar. A decision will soon be made on whether the equities market will open for the day.”

It’s been also reported that the European Union has committed to removing Russia from interbank messaging network SWIFT, along with the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

South Korea announced on Monday that it would also ban the export of certain strategic items to Russia, along with banning its banks from transacting with Russia via SWIFT. Stay tuned for more news.

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