Upcoming Blockchain Projects Tackle Scalability And Other Essential Goals In The Crypto Space

The crypto and blockchain space continue to expand, and even though the crypto market has recently fallen severely, crypto enthusiasts continue to be interested in this space.

Builders continue to focus on the most important aspects of the blockchain infrastructure in order to allow the main goal to take place: mass adoption of crypto.

Essential goals in the crypto sphere

Other important goals in the crypto sphere are ease of use and volume transactions.

According to Daily Hodl, by leveraging decentralization in order to challenge legacy systems that are prone to manipulation, such new platforms that are based on the blockchain are aiming to drive efficiencies and to transform industries as well.

The online publication notes that these industries vary from e-commerce to the sharing economy to data storage to finance.

This will make transactions and business agreements resilient against manipulation and high fees that are charged by third parties.

In the newsletter from the blockchain investment company Pantera, CEO Dan Morehead addressed the upcoming blockchain projects that are supposed to tackle scalability and interoperability and boost the decentralized marketplace sector.

“We have been supporting them since their earliest stages of development and are excited to see working products ship,” he said.

He continued and explained that “Not only will this bring more liquidity to our ICO funds, but also bring additional robustness to blockchain infrastructure.”

4 new blockchain projects

The projects are these: Polkadot, BloXroute, Origin, and Filecoin.

Find out more about each and every one of them on the Daily Hodl’s original article.

You should also check the community letter.

Morehead expects these projects to be launched later this year or at least at the beginning of 2020.

He says the following: “These applications and technologies aren’t developed overnight.  Months-to-years of development and beta testing take place before projects can be deployed.”


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