Ripple has been making headlines a lot these days, and the firm is known to make huge efforts towards the mainstream adoption of the XRP crypto.

The firm has been also boosting the complete XRP ecosystem as well and with the help of its products, especially the XRP-powered ODL, the company is trying to overcome the flaws of SWIFT.

This is the traditional payments system that has been used by banks and financial institutions for decades now, but along the way it became flawed.

Ripple is revolutionizing the payments industry with ODL, and it offers people cheap, instant, and safe cross border payments.

Massive XRP debate on Twitter

Anyway, there’s a massive debate on Twitter regarding XRP after Binance posted the following tweet:

Lots of important respondents offered their opinions about XRP.

You should head over to Twitter and check out the complete thread.

Ripple confirms XRP remittance platform live in Europe

In other news. it’s been just revealed that Ripple vice president of customer success Marcus Treacher said that the real-time payments startup works now on expanding its ODL platform to service more corridors this year.

In a Bequant interview, Treacher addressed what the future holds for Ripple.

“We have established On-Demand Liquidity corridors into Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, and Europe, and we’re hoping to further this expansion by opening corridors to APAC and EMEA this year.”

regarding the price of XRP, at the moment of writing this article, XRP is trading in the green and the coin is priced at $0.204537.

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