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VISA Could Use Ethereum (ETH) for Automatic Payments

According to the latest reports, it might seem that Visa has big plans with Ethereum. Check out the latest reports about the issue below.

Visa could use ETH

A team of researchers at the financial giant VISA has come up with a concept that would enable automatic payments for Ethereum (ETH) self-custodial wallets.

Catherine Gu, who is the head of CBDC and protocols at VISA, says the company has been “closely tracking the development of the crypto ecosystem” and doing deep dives into Web3 infrastructure.

ETH account abstractions aim to enable a contract to be the top account that pays fees and initiates the execution of a transaction.

The VISA researchers said the following:

“Account abstraction (AA) is a proposal that attempts to combine user accounts and smart contracts into just one Ethereum account type by making user accounts function like smart contracts… More generally, the motivating rationale behind AA is quite simple but fundamental: Ethereum transactions today have several rigid requirements hardcoded into the Ethereum protocol.”

They continued and pointed out this:

“For instance, transactions on the Ethereum blockchain today are valid only if they have a valid ECDSA [elliptic curve digital signature algorithm] signature, a valid nonce, and sufficient account balance to cover the cost of computation.”

ETH to outperform BTC

Bloomberg’s lead commodity strategist Mike McGlone says that Ethereum (ETH) is gearing up to outperform Bitcoin (BTC).

The closely followed analyst says that despite the rough times that we’ve seen for nearly all risk assets, Ethereum’s performance against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) remains in a strong uptrend on the back of mainstream adoption.

“Bitcoin crosses series; Ethereum may be a top candidate to continue outperforming the firstborn crypto –
Ethereum’s advances vs. Bitcoin have been unshaken by 2022 deflation in most risk assets and may be gaining underpinnings.” Check out the previous article to learn more details. 

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