Provably Fair Gambling is a revolutionary concept created by the true visionaries of blockchain technology. Since the implementation of standard online casinos, and gambling industry as a whole, the question of fairness was always at the forefront of thought for all the players. What is the guarantee that the games you wager on are absolutely and totally fair? Well, for a long time, fairness was the truth that gamblers had to take on faith, but today, Bitcoin Gambling has brought upon an incredible alternative. Provably Fair Gambling is something that will eliminate all of the previous doubts and guarantee that the gameplay will always be unbiased.

How Does Provably Fair Work?

To put it simply, Provably Fair Games absolutely guarantee the fairness of the game. Using advanced SHA-2 Hash, open-source algorithms, the system generates seeds through the random number generator. Any player, at any time can check the authenticity by simply checking random numbers generated by the system. Hash algorithms can be checked instantly by any player of the game. There are pre-game client seeds and server seeds. By inspecting both after the gameplay, players can easily verify the authenticity of the game. To Put it simply, players can check the fact that the final outcome of the game was not tampered with, using random generated numbers. The casino game cannot see your bet before the completion of the gameplay, thus it can’t falsify the results.

Benefits of Provably Fair Gambling

The most prominent benefit of Provably Fair Gambling is the concept of Trust. Gone are the days when players have to worry about somebody tricking them into losing. From now on total fairness is the guarantee and trusty relationships between the casinos and gamblers can be easily built upon. Without a doubt, the only thing that will be a factor in the future is the luck and the skill of the gambler. Thanks to the technology brought upon by the BTC Gambling pioneers.

Supporters of Provably Fair Gaming

There are some Bitcoin Casinos that embrace the concept completely and try to steer their players’ attention towards Provably Fair Gambling. Trailblazers of Bitcoin Gaming such as Fortunejack, are the ones who promote this idea the most. There are of course companies that view PF Games to be redundant. Actually, most of the casinos are like that. What would be the reason behind that? Not one of them can truly answer, but actions usually speak louder than the words.

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