Who Bought The Dip And Sold BTC During This Week’s Crash

Anthony Pompliano posted some pretty interesting data about who bought the dip and who sold their Bitcoin during this week’s extreme price volatility.

Check out his post here.

A follower said: “Over time, the purchasing power of fiat currencies and gold will diminish while #Bitcoin appreciates in real terms. Choose your store of wealth wisely. @Anna_green33 thanks for being a great Bitcoin mentor and coach Hundred points symbol.”

Someone else said: “Yeh I got the short term price action wrong. Caught myself and a lot of other analysts off guard. Still confident that Bitcoin is consolidating and the bull run is far from over.”

This company has the highest correlation with Bitcoin

It’s been just revealed that MicroStrategy has the highest correlation with Bitcoin. Michael Saylor’s company is supporting and accumulating Bitcoin for quite a while now.

Saylor became a BTC maximalist and just the other day, he was sending people an important message.

Check out Michael Saylor’s tweet.

BTC’s dip is a normal correction

Davis told his YouTube subscribers to look back to the 2017 bull run as evidence that Bitcoin can weather numerous pullbacks. The analyst noted that the bull run saw four different corrections in the 30-45% range.

He continued and said that the “current bull run is just getting started,” predicting that prices will move a lot higher for the rest of 2021.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the digital asset is priced at $37,905.33.

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