Competition is heating up among blockchain ecosystems – the quest for speed, efficiency, and affordability flares up regularly due to high fees on Ethereum. And what better way to incubate and develop efficiently the ecosystem of deserving blockchains than to create well funded, experienced launch pads? To this end, VelasPad launchpad service has just launched today, driving forth the next generation of projects on the Velas Blockchain, which sees industry-leading TPS and rock-bottom costs available to the masses.

VelasPad Is A Crucial Addition to the Next-Gen Blockchain

Every blockchain ecosystem can benefit from a native launchpad to help projects raise capital and issue tokens fairly and transparently. For the Velas ecosystem, that launchpad will be VelasPad, an officially endorsed, yet operationally and financially separate venture. Overwhelmingly, the main benefit is that projects launching on VelasPad can be fast-tracked into Velas’s $5 million grant program to accelerate growth and development.

Furthermore, the initial grant candidates – who number more than 40 at the time of writing – will make their way to VelasPad to conduct their initial raises. This is indeed a strong partnership between the Velas and VelasPad teams, as they both share united visions of fostering growth and accessibility – funding and developing the next generation of blockchain projects can help achieve mainstream adoption and introduce numerous use cases.

Moreover, the VelasPad venture is part of a broader cross-chain effort. While most people may know BSCPad and ETHPad, there is also Tronpad, and soon VelasPad will join the list of growing launchpad ventures. The team behind all of these projects – the Bluezilla Group – is expanding to the most prominent blockchains to seed the next wave of innovation.

The launch of this launchpad isn’t just big news for the Velas community. It changes the game for the entire crypto and blockchain industry. BlueZilla taps into Velas’ innate industry-leading TPS and low cost transactions, and projects succeeding in this mission will not have to deal with VCs or early investors trying to change the team’s course. Moreover, it confirms the vision of how Velas is – thanks to its speed and efficiency – a top blockchain capable of rivaling Ethereum and even Binance Smart Chain – One that is set for the future.

The VelasPad Vision

The BlueZilla team opted for launching on Velas due to the many benefits this network provides.  The Solana-based network achieves extraordinarily high transaction throughput – up to 50,000 TPS – and maintains a low fee for near-instant transactions. Moreover, it supports Ethereum-based smart contracts, a crucial aspect in building a cross-chain suite of products and services. The Velas ecosystem is home to innovative projects such as BitOrbit (for social media), Vault (for cryptographically secured secrets storage), and much more. A launchpad is a logical next step.

Under the hood, VelasPad provides anti-bot and trader-first liquidity systems, cross-chain bridges, and proven staking systems. Additionally, there are deflationary triggers regarding selling, staking, and IDO participation. The goal of VelasPad is to promote long-term growth for all parties involved and foster innovation on the Velas blockchain. There are still many dApp opportunities left to explore, and funding will play a crucial role for all of these projects.

The strong ties between Velas and the VelasPad team will help the ecosystem grow and expand for the foreseeable future, and it is essential for blockchain and real-world industries to come together. To achieve that goal, decentralized funding of upcoming projects and providing them with expertise and other types of support is crucial. Launchpads are more than facilitators for token sales. VelasPad provides many technical solutions for developers exploring one of the world’s highest-performance blockchains. Moreover, access to the Velas grant program can make a tremendous difference for the long-term growth of the industry as a whole.

Long-Term Implications of This Approach

Ethereum is not scalable enough for dApps, and its transaction fees are too expensive. Velas immediately fixes this by mounting smart contracts onto the Solana ecosystem, providing not extremely efficient execution of said contracts at mind-blowing speeds. Moreover, Velas ensures developers can use their existing Ethereum / Solidity code and bring it to this ecosystem, either as a complete migration or part of a broader cross-chain solution, ensuring seamless transition and fantastic cross-chain translation.

Moreover, the crypto and blockchain industry shows a keen interest in even more cross-chain support and solutions. As there are hundreds of blockchains with native projects, they create a siloed environment. Enabling communication and transmission between different ecosystems unlocks broader liquidity and improves the overall user experience.

The launch of VelasPad and the associated partnership between Velas and Bluezilla echoes their commitment to the next generation of efficient, cross chain smart contract deployment and fostering the environments within which they thrive, and now users can get involved in the IDO launching 22nd September on BlueZilla’s BSCPad, ETHPad, KCCPad, or TRONPad. The future is indeed bright for VelasPad and the Velas ecosystem!

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