Ripple was in the news a lot in 2020, despite the global crisis that’s been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

This changes our lives and took a massive hit at economies all over the world. More analysts say that in times during these, the true potential of crypto will shine.

Ripple announced a new product – loans platform

Ripple made headlines again just recently when it’s been revealed that the firm is bringing a new product to the market that’s centered on working capital lending.

In a new job listing, the firm said that they are looking for a director of product management to spearhead the platform.

“This person will bring a new loan product to market from concept to launch for RippleNet customers.”

An XRP-powered e-commerce payments platform

Ripple’s director of product said that he is considering launching an XRP-powered e-commerce payments platform.

Craig DeWitt said that the platform would be really easy to integrate on any website looking to accept crypto.

“Considering launching an e-commerce payments platform using payburner, open to the world… the guts of xSongs already does this beautifully,” he said.

He continued and explained that “[This would] make it stupid simple to use so anyone can accept XRP payments in their personal sites with a simple code snippet.”

It’s also important to mention the fact that DeWitt rolled out xSongs back in December – this is a new digital marketplace that allows musicians to sell their songs online in exchange of XRP.

There are no fees to upload/post sings and the musicians get 100% of the revenue from their sales via XRP payments.

After DeWitt mentioned the idea of a new XRP-powered e-commerce payments platform, Wietse Wind, CEO of XRPL Labs, backed him in the comments, offering support.

In terms of pricing, XRP is trading in the green today, and at the moment of writing g this article, the coin is priced at $0.205497.

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