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YouTube CEO Says The Video Sharing Giant Plans To Integrate NFTs

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The video-sharing giant YouTube is planning to integrate NFTs. Here’s what the CEO has to say about the issue.

YouTube to integrate NFTs

In a fresh interview with BlockWorks, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says NFTs would make it easier to identify which creator made a video. More than that, she made sure to explain that this would add another way for content creators to monetize their work.

“If creators are selling their videos as NFTs, then that’s an important form of monetization… [NFTs] are a form of monetization and we want to provide the best monetization to all creators.”

She continued and explained:

“The second reason is that we also are in the best position to verify which assets actually belong to which creators. It would be a problem [for creators] if some third-party site was selling videos without knowing that it belonged to [them].”

She also said:

“If it turns out that this is an important form of monetization, we want to be there to support [creators] and make sure content isn’t being stolen and sold somewhere else.”

Check out the tweet coming from Blocworks containing the relevant video:

A follower said: “If this doesn’t convince people that we’re on the verge of reinventing the internet I don’t know what will. It’s the 90’s all over again!”

Another person hopped in the comments and said: “Summary: They don’t want to miss out on a big cut when creator’s sell their videos as NFTs.”

Back in February, we were revealing that the YouTube exec expanded his plans to integrate the NFTs into the platform. Check out what you should expect in the notes below.

Its’ been just revealed that YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan says in a new blog post that the company believes Web3, blockchain technology and NFTs all have “incredible potential” to help creators build deeper relationships with their fans.

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