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3 Questions to the great Gabriel Coco Catto, famous designer at Gutter Cat Gang NFT

Hi Gabriel Coco Gatto, you are the most famous designer from the Gutter Cat Gang community, can you please tell us some stories about your  childhood?

I Was Born in Mexico, in Playa del Catso. My chilhood was a little bit complicado, cause Father was a hard mano. He didn’t accept my dreamo : to live in the Coco Fashion way. So i was ejected from Mexico. After that, one day, while i was drinking a Curacao, i met the great Gucci Paolo. He told me to join the best Gango : Gutter Catts. He said : “Coco Gatto, my dear friend, let the cat out of the bag, they need your talento, join them !!”. That’s what i did. Me Llamo Gabriel Coco Gatto, I’m the craziest fashion designer, at your desire.

I like to work with ugly shapes, weird materials, and powerful colors. Orange is my favorite one.

Gabriel Coco Gatto

Gabi, your fashion style seems very unique, can you describe it?

People always want to show off, with brand names and expensive. It’s so cheapo and vulgaro. I prefer to be extravagant, leaving in the Coco Gatto fashion way. I like to work with ugly shapes, weird materials, and powerful colors. Orange is my favorite one. My goal is to seek out associations that have never seeno the light of dayo, celebrate beauty in the ugly, illuminate the sun in the darkest night. Magic is meaningless, it should not be built but lived. That’s the coco Fashion Way.

What kind of clothes are you wearing right now?

As you can see, right now I’m actually nudo. But Yesterday I was at the Coco Gatto Fashion Show. I wore a garbage bag adorned with meteorito stones from the Draco Constellation. These stones were colored a very bright orango while the garbage bag was unstructured. My socks were pale orango inlaid with tangerino patterns. On my feet, I wore flying carpetso that allowed me to sneak around in record time.

My fashion is like irrelevant deep poetry comingo from the most beautiful and the farthest Galaxy

Gabriel Coco Gatto

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