A US city kicks off a new guaranteed income program, and there’s free money up for grabs, in other words, according to the latest reports. Check out more details about this below.

Free money is up for grabs

Millions of dollars in free money will soon be distributed to certain groups of people in Washington state through a new guaranteed basic income initiative.

The program, called Thrive Prince George’s pilot, is a $4 million two-year plan aimed at helping two specific groups: youth aged 18 to 24 who have aged out of the foster system, and senior citizens over the age of 60.

Participants in Prince George’s County will receive monthly payments of $800 for two years, with no conditions attached and no requirements tied to employment.

This payment will be in addition to any existing supplementary or government benefits they may already be receiving.

The program is funded through a combination of public and private funds from various foundations and non-profit organizations.

According to Prince George’s County, the pilot aims to help lift more families out of poverty by “increasing their financial stability and helping to create more pathways to greater economic opportunity.”

“Thrive Prince George’s will give participants increased flexibility and financial freedom so they can live with dignity and be empowered to overcome whatever barriers they may face – whether it is meeting basic needs, paying down a debt, moving into permanent housing, furthering their education to secure a better job, or to stop working a second job so they can spend more time with their families.”

Phyllis Wright, who is struggling to support two teenagers on a fixed income, said the program has been a lifeline for her, according to local news.

“The grocery stores, where you don’t have to put something back when you can afford to pay for something that you want to have… When you go get gas, you don’t have to worry about not filling up your car when you’re going to the grocery stores or when you’re going to pay for your prescriptions, and you can say, ‘Well I can get all of my prescriptions now, I don’t have to wait for them.’”

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