43 Years Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto Surfaced, Seems He’s An Arab

43 years founder of Bitcoin (BTC) Satoshi Nakamoto returned after hibernating for years with a status update on Ning Forum’s P2P Foundation, the platform where he first announced he developed “a new open source P2P e-cash system called Bitcoin”.

On his account, he wrote “nour”, a word said to be an Arabic by observers.

A commenter by the Mounia Rabhi said “Nur (also spelled Noor, Nor, or Nour, Arabic: نور: Nūr IPA: [nuːr]) is a common Arabic unisex name meaning light. An-Nur, meaning “the light” in Arabic. Omg Satoshi is Arabic!”

She latter said “Spelling mistake: it’s ‘an Arab’ not ‘Arabic’”


To some, the word means “The most loving, affectionate and caring person you’ll ever meet. Extremely smart, funny and sensitive. A bit lost, still figuring out what she wants in life and how to reach it.”

It also means “Stubborn and not willing to take other peoples advice. when she smiles she makes you forget all the problems you have, her hug will give you an assurance that you have never felt and will never do.”

Satoshi also friended Wagner Tamanaha before updating his status.

For some years now, Nakamoto has been an unknown figure. Many people are after knowing him for the fact that he created a digital currency known referred to as Bitcoin.

In the past, some said he’s Dorian Nakamoto, but he came out on the p2p platform to refute the assertions, writing “I am not Dorian Nakamoto.”

Four years back, Nakamoto’s email which was linked to his p2p platform was said to be hacked. In 2014, there was widespread report that Nakamoto’s GMX email account was hacked. This email was what he used to make announcement in the P2P Foundation Ning forum.

With his account, the hackers posted a warning message to Satoshi in the forum. In this regard, the latest update could be a hack instead of Nakamoto himself.

As at today, there are lots of fake Satoshi, however, the cryptocurrency world is expecting the true figure.

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Niyi Adejare is a cryptocurrency analyst. He has written many articles on cryptocurrency, technology, and personal development.