A venture capitalist named Arthur Cheong has identified an altcoin in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space that has significant potential for growth. Check out more details about this below.

DeFi altcoin’s price can explode soon

According to Cheong, Lido (LDO), a crypto-staking solution, is currently undervalued and has room for expansion. Cheong notes that the liquid staking market is attracting investors due to its lack of volatility and ability to generate substantial revenue.

The liquid staking market is closely tied to the value of the chains that the protocols service. The top five smart contract chains that use liquid staking protocols generate over $800 million in annual revenue.

The earnings of the sector are superior to those of other DeFi sectors due to their recurring and non-volatile nature.

According to his analysis, Lido is in a favorable position to benefit from the growth of the staking market thanks to its robust technology and reliable track record.

He believes that the strong network effect built around stETH, along with the integration of decentralized validator technology using SSV and Obol networks, will aid Lido in capturing the growth of the industry.

Furthermore, he predicts that Lido could experience a significant revenue boost in the medium term due to several factors, including the increasing market cap of Ethereum, the rising Ethereum staking ratio post-Shanghai, the growing market share of decentralized liquid staking protocols, and Lido’s continued dominance.

He notes that LDO is currently undervalued and sees a potential 3x opportunity in Lido’s revenue in the medium term.

In other recent news, new reports have revealed that two altcoins within the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem are contributing to the resurgence of decentralized finance (DeFi).

According to blockchain analytics firm Glassnode, its DeFi index, which includes the eight largest DeFi tokens by market cap, has outperformed Ethereum for the first time since September 2022 over the last two months.

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