The beauty of having the Telegram App is that you can subscribe to plenty of channels that can provide you with all your day to day news in the Crypto-Verse. About 1:21pm, UTC + 3, my favorite Ripple Channel, Ripple Rumors, pointed out something that had been out of our minds for way too long. Perhaps the Crypto-Verse markets function at an accelerated rate that 12 months seems like 12 years. In the message from the Ripple Rumors channel, the administrator pointed out that Ripple (XRP) had done 12,618.1% gains from last year, 11th March 2017. The message also pointed out that Bitcoin (BTC) had only done 643.4% in gains and Ethereum (ETH) had done 3,110.4%.

I kept scratching my head and decided to investigate this claim. Therefore, on 11th March, 2017, Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were valued at $0.006239, $1,184.07 and $19.60 respectively and according to coinmarketcap. At the moment of writing this, the same coins are valued at $0.823298, $9,315.10 and $718.83 respectively and on the same website.

Doing the math of percentage increase during this time period, we get 13,095.99% for Ripple (XRP), 686.3% for Bitcoin (BTC) and 3,567.5% for Ethereum. Therefore, this proves the earlier claims a few hours back, by the administrator of the Ripple Rumors Channel on Telegram.

Now, I do not think that we have fully gripped the enormity of such gains by cryptocurrencies. The gains by all three coins are quite impressive and down right ridiculously higher than any returns an investor would get from the regular stocks and bonds out there. In the world of regular stocks and bonds, if any asset does 25% in a year, this is a very good stock and worthy of a Great Gatsby type of party complete with a Jay Z and Kanye West soundtrack.

Let us look at the top performing stock that belongs to, AMZN. One year ago, the Amazon stock was valued at $854.49. Today, the same stock is trading at $1,578.89. This is a 84.78% increment from the value 12 months ago. The same stock has managed to increase the net worth of its CEO, Jeff Bezos, to a total value of over $130 Billion in the past week alone. This is after the Amazon stock went up by just 5% in the said 7 days.

I believe now you are beginning to see that the Crypto-Verse markets are an accelerated form of the regular stock markets where cryptocurrencies can do as much as 13,000% in a year as our lovely Ripple (XRP) has just done.

With such information, it is even worthy to note that any coins is an amazing coin since some coins can do a daily gain of 12% and end up with a weekly gain of even 20%. This means that even the so called sh*t-coins can make you a fortune in a year if the FUD is kept at a minimum.

Now imagine if you bought into an ICO early enough to snag the coins or tokens at a cheap price before the market. Then imagine you did not sell them that quick and decided to hold on to them for a whole year and watch their value skyrocket with gains of up to 13,000%. Perhaps you only bought $100 worth of Ripple (XRP) at the same time last year. The coins would be worth $13,000 now. Can you believe that?

One thing I discourage in life are the what if?’ statements showcased in the above paragraph. This is because we cannot go back in time and slap ourselves for not buying Ripple (XRP) when the coin was worth a fraction of a cent. What we can do, is decide that we will buy a few of them Ripples and hold for another year. The best method is to lock them up in a wallet somewhere and set a Google calendar reminder for March 11th, 2019.

Perhaps we can have a pact here and now, to synchronize our calendars to that date one year from now. We can then probably come back to this article and post in the comments section, the value of Ripple (XRP) and find out how much of a wise decision it was to HODL for another 12 simple months 🙂

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