ARK’s Much Awaited Core v2 Knocks On The Mainnet’s Door: Scheduled For Launch On November 28th

ARK cross-blockchain communication ecosystem announces the launch date of its Core v2 – November 28th.

The much-awaited new code base is at its point in development where ARK wants to move it to the mainnet, in order to make it the backbone of the ARK blockchain.

The team’s goal has been to offer the same accessibility and scalability for custom blockchains just like WordPress provides for custom websites. The main focus has always been on creating the ideal ecosystem of interconnected plug-and-play chains.

Most aspects of the ARK code base have the potential of being modified, extended or replaces. Such an approach allows blockchain developers the maximum freedom to reflect their organizations’ goals.

Core v2’s best features

  • Dynamic fees: the addition of dynamic fees allows delegates to see their fees for transactions and users can modify them and pay the fees that they’re comfortable with.
  • Plugin system: most processes of ARK have been developed as plugins and it became easier to remove/add new ones to the system.
  • Increased number of TPS and TPB: an increased number of transactions per second and per block mean skipping from 50 to 150 (block) and from 6.25 to 18.75 (second).
  • New API: a more powerful and stable API with more endpoints to offer developers more options.
  • Webhook support: this allows an app to provide other apps with real-time data.
  • Enhanced transaction pool management: this is leveraging the power of memory and SQLite for increased stability, reliability and foundation for more future enhancements.

Installing the new Core

On November 28th, the ARK team and delegates will install the new Core of their servers.

This will be a hardfork which means that everyone who wants to run a node will have to replace their old ARKNode code with the ARKCore.

End users will not have to do anything besides installing updated wallets to be able to support the new protocol. All data and guides will be available before launch for desktop and mobile wallets.

What’s next for ARK?

The main focus will involve monitoring and addresses potential issues and bugs, and then attention will switch on building Core v.1.

This will bring new transaction types such as timelock, updated multi-signatures, multi-payment support, increase size for SmartBridge field from 64 to 256 chars and more.

By the end of 2018, ARK wants to complete ARK Pay (open source library) ARK Desktop Wallet v2 (new desktop wallet) and Whitepaper v2 (with more in-depth details).



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