While the traditional finance is expected to see a massive fall as an effect of the global crisis in which we are these days, the crypto space, on the other hand, is expected to show its true potential.

More analysts and important voices from the crypto industry said that while the economic system is crumbling, Bitcoin and crypto will be able to show their benefits in such a horrible setting.

Bank of America addresses Ripple partnership

It’s been recently revealed that the head of the global banking ar Bank of America revealed a new angle of its partnership with  Ripple.

In the latest Treasury Insights podcast, BofA’s Julie Harris addresses the banking giant’s partnership with Ripple.

She talked about what will happen in the world of banking over the next ten years and said that Bofa’s main goal is to ensure its clients can get things done anywhere and anytime.

The second goal is to make sure that it can integrate new solutions and keep pace with the rapid fintech changes.

“Client experience, and that combination of the high touch and high tech, is really important in a big area of focus for us. So not just the capability but the actual experience and ability to get things done anytime, anywhere because we are an around-the-clock society,” she said.

Harris continued and revealed that “the second [goal] is the ability to integrate. And Derrick touched on this a lot. It’s not about our platform and our capabilities.”

She said that it’s about clients and the infrastructure they have. She mentioned the partnerships with Ripple and SWIFT and made sure to highlight the fact that “they’ve come through all of our rigor of legal and compliance, and we’re able to leverage our banking as a platform to deliver that to you.”

We recommend that you check out the complete podcast.

Speaking of Ripple, if you’re wondering how the digital asset XRP doing today, well, it’s trading in the red, and the coin is priced at $0.189350.

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