It seems that there’s a new banking scandal involving JPMorgan. Check out the following reports about this below to see what the financial entity is involved in this time.

New JPMorgan scandal

Lois White, a customer of JPMorgan Chase, has been left in a precarious financial situation after the bank froze and then terminated her account following the deposit of a government check.

White had received a one-time payment adjustment as part of a $39 billion debt-relief program that forgave her student loans, and had deposited a check worth $5,298 from the federal government to her Chase account.

However, the bank suddenly froze her account and held her check under fraud suspicions, leaving her unable to access her funds and facing difficulties in paying her bills. This incident was reported by Atlanta-based ABC-affiliated news station WSB-TV.

“Apparently, they couldn’t verify this check was real.”

The bank not only froze White’s account but also closed it down completely, depriving her of access to her funds. To challenge the bank’s decision, White provided a letter of confirmation of the refund from her loan servicer, as well as evidence that the check came from the same loan servicer.

“I went to the branch. I gave them this letter. I gave them this check, gave them my ID my birth certificate, social security card.”

Chase has refused to give White access to her funds, leaving her devastated as she has always paid her bills on time and managed her finances responsibly.

She is currently couch surfing and struggling to make ends meet. Upon contacting Chase, the bank initially did not respond.

However, when WSB-TV reached out to them, the lender stated that they are now investigating White’s case and working with her and the US Treasury to ensure that she receives any funds she is owed.

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