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BidiPass Price Analysis: Can the Recent Partnership with Unification Assist BDP to Reclaim $0.01?

In summary:

  • The crypto market sell-off of mid-March inflicted considerable damage to the price of BDP/USD.
  • A recent partnership with Unification might just have a delayed boost on the value of the token. 
  • The current market environment might offer a glimmer of hope for BidiPass to reclaim the $0.01 value. 
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There is no doubt that the month of March 2020, has been one of the toughest for the crypto markets. As we are all aware, Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency spectrum, have never been tested by a full-blown economic collapse such as the one being experienced due to the effects of the Coronavirus. Looking at our favorite 3FA project of BidiPass (BDP), its token was also hard hit by the turmoil and experienced new lows in the crypto markets.

6-Hour BDP/USD Chart Courtesy of Tradingview

BDP/USD Chart courtesy of

Further looking at the 6-hour BDP/USD chart courtesy of, we find that the token has a current support zone of $0.00769. This value is where BDP managed to bounce off of after the market sell-off in mid-March. During this time period, the token fell hard from a value of $0.012 to the aforementioned $0.00769.

Additionally, its current value of$0.008 is still in bearish territory as it is below the 50, 100 and 200 moving averages on the 6-hour chart. However, the 6-hour MACD looks set to cross in a bullish manner below the baseline, thus giving some hope that BDP might just reclaim the all-important $0.01 support zone.

However, its performance in the markets is highly reliant on the crypto market uncertainty abating as more countries start to ‘flatten the curve’ in their fight against the Coronavirus.

BidiPass Partners with Unification Enterprise Alliance (UEA)

Also worth mentioning is that the crypto market turmoil of the month of March hid the fact that BidiPass announced a new partnership with Unification Enterprise Alliance. With the new collaboration, BidiPass will become one of 96 organizations to provide security within the Unification network.

BidiPass En Route to Challenge Google and Microsoft

With BidiPass having a strong history of providing secure solutions through its easy-to-use identity authentication protocol, it is only a matter of time before it challenges the presence of authentication giants such as Google and Microsoft.

BidiPass authenticator is twice as fast as Google authenticator while providing additional security to its users. BidiPass has a 2-layer security protocol maintained by distributed nodes offering a decentralized layer in the process. The BidiPass protocol is built on the Ethereum network and uses a hybrid approach of combining private and public blockchains to achieve its revolutionary 3FA security.

(Feature image courtesy of Andrew Roberts on Unsplash.)

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any additional opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Crypto Gazette or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you.

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