It has been reported that the billionaire Ray Dalio is warning about the fact that the US is now at an inflection point where the huge debt could be witnessing a huge acceleration. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

US debt could see an acceleration

Ray Dalio, an investing legend, has issued a warning that the United States may reach a point where its massive debt could spiral out of control. In a recent interview with CNBC, the billionaire stated that the country is not generating enough revenue to meet its financial obligations.

“The longer term is that we are at a point in which we are borrowing money to pay debt service. And there is a process by which when you keep having debt growth faster than income growth, then that means you have debt service encroaching on your spending. It’s the same for the government as it is for us.

And as that happens and you want to keep spending at the same level, there is the need to get more and more into debt. And the way that works, it accelerates. We are at the point of that acceleration, which creates the supply-demand problem.”

According to Dalio, in order to accumulate more debt, the US needs to sell more bonds to foreign nations. However, he warns that political infighting and social issues may discourage other countries from buying US treasuries.

This could create a supply-demand problem. Currently, about 40% of the US debt is sold to foreigners.

There is a concern that political and social conflicts within the US may affect foreign demand for bonds, making it difficult for the US to control the debt crisis and related issues.

“So we come back to the same basic question: how strong are we going to be? When we talk about strong, what I mean is also economically strong and economically strong means financially strong. That means it’s just a basic thing.”

He continued and stated the following:

“Financially strong means: do you earn more than you spend? Do you have a good income statement? As a country, do we have a good income statement? And do we have a good balance sheet, more assets than we have liabilities?”

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