The crypto market has been showing some positive signs lately in terms of price, and at the moment almost all coins are trading in the green and doing great after BTC surged by 15%.

In the crypto space, there’s been this one specific coin that managed to attract a lot of interest especially since it’s new. We are referring at the Binance Coin, BNB.

The crypto has been created by the Binance exchange and her been on the rise since the beginning of the year.

So, there’s no wonder that there has been quite a lot of talk regaring this new crypto.

ZyCrypto brings some pretty exciting news and predictions coming from an individual who goes by the name The Don on Twitter.

BNB, the Amazon of crypto

The Don posted on Twitter that BNB could very well be the Amazon of digital assets.

More than that, he also said that the coin could increase by 100 times sooner rather than later.

What’s interesting is the fact that his tweet triggered a lot of reactions from Twitter users and also from CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao.

Here’s a user’s opinion: “I don’t know about $BNB fundamentals or legitimate use cases at this point. But when the crypto hype fires up again, there’s going to be a massive push behind this one. 100x seems crazy, yet plausible at the top of the next tulip bubble.”

BNB witnesses huge success

Not too long ago, Tushar Jain, the managing partner at Multicoin Capital Management hedge fund in Austin, Texas, said that Binance was the “best executing team in crypto.”

“We expect to hold them for the foreseeable future,” Jain said.

Bloomberg noted that the main thing that makes BNB attractive to investors is the company’s efforts of “tying the performance of the exchange to the number of tokens in circulation.”

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